This summer school is the 12th edition of an annual Canadian event that brings together students from around the world to learn about quantum information processing. Previous editions of the school have been held in Calgary, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Toronto, and Waterloo. This year’s school follows the tradition of educating young researchers in this rapidly-evolving field by gathering some of the world’s top experts to offer lectures on various aspects of quantum information. The school is designed for graduate students and postdocs in computer science, mathematics, and physics who are interested in learning about quantum information processing. It also provides an opportunity for students specializing in one sub-area to broaden their knowledge of the field as a whole.

The 9th Canadian Student Conference & 2nd AQuA Student Congress on Quantum Information will be held in Waterloo the following week, from June 18-22. Participants at the summer school are encouraged to consider also attending the student conference.

Limited financial support will be available.  The deadline for support applications was April 15.  For more details, see the financial support page.